Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Fight For Contentment

     I always knew that, like most people, I can be discontent.  I often would ask the Lord "Why me?" or "Why not me?" I knew of a specific area in my life where I would notice this most, and my disciple would tell me, "We must be content. We must fight for contentment." Honestly it wasn't that hard because the Lord ended up taking away what I wanted, I'm so thankful for His graciousness. It is a amazing thing to get to the point when you can say Lord your all I want and need. But creeping up behind me came my own selfishness, forgetting the goodness of my Lord and back to focusing on myself.
     I remember reading about the Israelites thinking "Wow, there so unthankful, the Lord provides them with food and the next second they want something better." Oh man how I would hate if someone wrote a book on my life because you would see the pattern of the Israelites over and over again. My discontentment is in so many ways connected in Unthanfulness. The Lord in His mighty grace give me a good blessing, and the next day I completely forget about it, I want something different, something, in my mind, better. Psalm 92:1 says "It is good to give thanks to the Lord." Its so good to reflect on all our good Father has done in our lives, to be thankful and focus on Christ not on our self.
       A fight for contentment. Finding contentment in Christ alone can be so difficult. For me its always  coming up again, and again. When a new situation comes up, discontentment fallows. Looking back on my walk, I can say I have been most content when I'm in close fellowship with the Lord. He is my contentment. In Christ is all that my heart truly desires. That famous John Pipper quote say "Christ is most glorified, when we are most satifyed in Him." That being true, then we must fight for it, because Christ is glorified! Our purpose is to glorify God, and enjoy Him forever! "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

                                         With Love,

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